Tuition fees

Bachelor and Master studies

Tuition fees in different universities can vary considerably depending on the level of studies and the speciality in question. Generally, tuition fees vary from 1500 EUR to 15000 EUR per year for Bachelor and Master programmes (with a few more expensive exceptions). Some of the more expensive specialities are medicine, law, business administration and social sciences. Some higher education institutions may differentiate tuition fees for students from the European Union and from outside the European Union. In addition, some universities offer a few Master and Bachelor programmes with no tuition fee at all (tuition fee waivers, tuition free programmes).

Doctoral studies

All doctoral studies in Estonia are without tuiton fee.

Exchange studies

Exchange students coming to Estonia are exempt from tuition fees at the Estonian university and are entitled to a small grant if stipulated in the agreement.

You will see all the tuition fees in our online admission system: Please use the search tool there to find a suitable programme. Next to the programme information the tuition fees are also shown. Should you have any questions about the tuition fees, don't hesitate to contact the respective universities!

Important: Tuition fees are modified periodically. So to get the most recent information, contact the higher education institution you are interested in directly.