Living costs

Living costs in Estonia are affordable and are considered to be lower than in most other European countries. General feedback from foreigners who have spent some time here is that living conditions are similar to those in Western Europe. Cost of living in Estonia is usually dependent upon the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending patterns.


The currency in Estonia is the Euro (€). The monthly average living cost for students can be around 300-500 euros.

Housing costs depend on the location, quality of the accommodation and on the season but the prices per month usually range from €150–350 in the dormitories to €350–750 in private flats. Most universities in Estonia have their own dormitories and all of them are ready to help international students settle into their life in Estonia.


Students can usually enjoy a comfortable life with around €300 per month for food. Each student can determine food expenses individually, depending on their needs. Every university also has its own cafeteria(s), which offers nice meal with reasonable price. Daily specials in pubs and cafes are around €5–€8.


1947_Self driving bus in Tallinn_ERR-Siim Lõvi (1)_0.jpgPublic transport is available for all students and is free of charge in Tallinn (only for residents of Tallinn, including international students studying in Tallinn). Local public transport in Tartu: €7,67 with a monthly ticket (with student card), single ticket for a student €0.51 (€2 on the bus). Most universities have everything needed (supermarkets, cafes, shops, pharmacy, gym etc.) located within a short walking distance. 

Tartu has a bike share system with 750 bikes (510 electrical, 240 regular) in 100  stations across the city. Membership prices: 30€ (annual membership), 10€ (weekly membership), 5€ (daily membership). All memberships include unlimited 60-minute rides, with every additional started 60 minutes costing €1. In Tallinn, you can also use electric scooters to get around the city, there are currently two providers offering e-scooters in Tallinn: Bolt and Tuul.

Taxi (depending on company): average starting fee from €3, each km from €0.6.

Bus ticket from Tallinn to Tartu: €8.10–€10.50

Entertainment and free time

2233_Weekend festival_Gert Nõgu.jpg Theatre ticket: €20–€45

Concert ticket: €20–€60

Nightclub ticket: up to €10–€40 (depends on the club, free entrance or discounts for ladies or students with a student card are common)

Movie ticket: €5–€15 (depending on the cinema or time of the day or day of the week)


  • University sports clubs: €30–€60 per month (depending on the university)
  • Private sports clubs: €30–€100 per month (depending on the club and training package)

What the students say

According to the 2019 results of the international student satisfaction survey iGraduate, about 50% of international students in Estonia say they spend approximately 300 euros per month, and 25% say they spend more than 400 euros per month. Only about 10% of students spend over 500 euros per month.

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