International House of Estonia

Service center for internationals

IHE services chart_0.png International House of Estonia (IHE) is a service center for internationals in Estonia (one-stop-shop) to communicate with the state, to receive councelling and to create a network. IHE offers consultation and public authority services for international newcomers in Estonia and local employers. You can have answers to all your questions regarding documentation, settling in, finding a network and/or a job, participating in events and much more, from one place.


To provide a common service center for internationals (mainly specialists, but also international students) who have relocated to Estonia and for the companies that hire international specialists in order to provide information and services in one place, to support a smoother relocation process and to help the international specialist adapt better into society. 

International House is open to all international students, so feel free to pay them a visit! Services are free of charge, but please keep in mind to register online:


IHE is located at Ülemiste City, Valukoja 8.