Life-style and character

Nordic influence. We live in a Nordic country. That means unspoilt nature, mercilessly harsh weather, white nights and dark days. It also means the strict discipline required from us by our climate - clear shapes, quality in both thinking and action, as well as sustainable development and concern for the future.

Roots. We have inhabited this land for thousands of years. This is quite phenomenal in the whole of Europe and rare in the world. We have been daunted by various wars and foreign domination but we’re still here. This provides us with a historical background that is unique in the world. There is heroic romance in our rootedness. It also gives us unique language and traditions.

The Eastern influence. We ourselves come from the east, and many people have come here from the east. It would be naïve to think that we have no relation with the (land of the) rising sun. We have inherited our generally quite hospitable nature from the east. Also, our present educational background has discernible eastern influences.

Progress. Logistically, we are located in a complex place. We straddle the sea, land, forest and various cultures. Throughout our existence, we have had to adapt to different influences and restrictions. We are adapters. Today our e- and m-thinking is a good example of our adaptability. We are pioneers who apply efficient means and do so quickly.

Many exciting contrasts. We have ancient history and high-tech, Eastern hospitality and Northern conservativeness, a liberal economic environment and pristine nature. It is amazing how a people with a strong inner angst can acquire new skills so easily, or how odd a tradition it is for an introverted Nordic people to form huge choirs every once in a while and sing together.