Photo competition for international students in Estonia!


Send us a photo of you enjoying your favorite Estonian product or service and win cool prizes!

Study in Estonia photo competitionIs “kama” the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten? Does cruising around on a Bolt or Tuul scooter make you happy? Is listening to a lecture by an Estonian professor at your university the absolute best time you’ve ever had? Then capture these Estonian moments on camera and send them to us to win awesome prizes!

Send your photo to, add a witty caption, your name, which Estonian university you are studying at, and your social media account handles so we could tag you 😊


Terms and conditions:

  • The photo competition will be open for submissions from May 19 to May 31, 2021.
  • The topic for the photo competition is “Me enjoying my favorite Estonian product/service”
  • The competition is open to international students currently living and studying in Estonia (except students that are currently active within the Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors team).
  • Submitted photos should be in JPG or PNG format, clear and high quality (at least 640 pixels on the shorter side). 
  • The photo submission should include a caption that clearly describes which Estonian service/product you are enjoying.  
  • All photos submitted must be original content taken by you. By submitting the photo, you are confirming that you own the full copyright of the image. Photos that are at any point discovered to be plagiarized will be removed from the competition. 
  • Study in Estonia retains the right to assess the photos and remove any offensive, insensitive, or inappropriate submission from the competition.
  • By submitting your photo to the Study in Estonia photo competition you are giving permission to Study in Estonia to share and repost the photo in Study in Estonia social media channels and on the website
  • Best photos will be selected in the following categories:
    Study in Estonia team favorites (3 winners)
    Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors’ favorites (3 winners)
    Crowd favorites (3 winners)
    Voting period for crowd favorites will be June 01 – June 08, 2021. Voting will take place on the Study in Estonia Facebook page. The Winners will be determined by the biggest number of positive reactions. 
  • The Winners will be determined and contacted on June 09, 2021.
  • The Winners will receive a selection of goodies* from Study in Estonia and Education Estonia, as well as a chance to take over the Study in Estonia Instagram account to showcase their Estonian life**
    *The prizes will be delivered to the winners by Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors; photos and/or video of the prizes being handed out to the winners will later be shared in Study in Estonia social media channels and website.
    **Instagram takeover options will be discussed with the winners separately and are subject to approval by the Study in Estonia team.   
  • By submitting your photo to the Study in Estonia photo competition, you accept the terms and conditions of the competition. 
  • For more information on the photo competition contact us at

The competition has ended! The winners in 3 categories are:

Study in Estonia Team favorites
1 - Ekaterina Kolevatova, University of Tartu
2 - Aditi Sureka, Tallinn University of Technology
3 - Nanyongo Elive Becky, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors' favorites:
1 - Ekaterina Kolevatova, University of Tartu
2 - Alina Koliada, Tallinn University
3 - Milly Yencken, Estonian Academy of Arts

Crowd favorites on Facebook:
1 - Aditi Sureka, Tallinn University of Technology
2 - Maidul Islam, Tallinn University of Technology
3 - Nanyongo Elive Becky, Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences