Webinar "Take charge! How to Start a Company in Estonia"


On May 7th, Study in Estonia hosted another webinar for international students in Estonia. When the last webinar covered the topic of making a good impression on a job interview then this time the focus was on the opportunities of starting a business in Estonia. 

The webinar titled "Take charge! How to Start a Company in Estonia" was hosted by Krista Kink from Tallinn Enterprise Department and Annely Tank from Work in Estonia initiative. During the 1hour webinar they gave an overview of the different business models available, advice on how to get started, overview of which taxes and fees would be applicable, and suggetions on where to turn to for a free consultation.

The webinar was attended by almost 80 listeners from Estonia and abroad. Many students already had specific ideas for starting their company - for example, students asked how they could import goods from their home country to be distributed in Estonia; how to start with an educational consultancy service; and how could their friends or faily living back home contribute to their business here in Estonia.

Useful sources for finding more information about doing business in Estonia are the Tallinn Enterprise Department and International House of Estonia websites. You are alse able to book a time for a free consultation with one of the Tallinn Enterprise Deparment consultants. The recording of the webinar is also available on the Study in Estonia website.

The next Study in Estonia webinar will take place on May 28, 2020 and will cover the topic of e-Residency and different ways that international students can stay connected to Estonia even after finishing their studies and returning to their home country. The webinar titled “Stay Connected to Estonia After Graduation − How e-Residency Can Help” will be hosted by Lina Nikolajeva and Mats Kuuskemaa from the  e-Residency team.

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