Webinar "Stay Connected to Estonia - How e-Residency Can Help"


On May 28th, Study in Estonia hosted the 3rd and final webinar in a series meant to support international students who are interested in working or starting a business in Estonia. In the previous two webinars we covered the topics of "How to Nail Your Job Interview" and "How to Start a Company". The final webinar, featuring e-Residency, gave an overview of how international students can stay connected to Estonia or do business here, without physically staying in the country.

The webinar was hosted by Lina Nikolajeva and Mats Kuuskemaa from the Estonian e-Residency team, who gave an overview of how the e-Residency program came to be, what benefits it offers, and how international students who are about to return to their home country can use it to access Estonian digital services and join a wide community of other e-Residents across the world.

There are several aspects to keep in mind when considering applying for e-Residency as an international student in Estonia. For one, if you already have a residence permit for legally staying in Estonia, then you cannot apply for e-Residency at the same time, as the main idea of e-Residency is to provide access to our digital services and business environment to people who don't actually live in Estonia. This means that as an international graduate of a university in Estonia, before applying for e-Residency, you need to have left the country and also notified the Estonian Population Register that you are no longer living in Estonia.

It is also important to keep in mind that e-Residency is simply a digital identity and not a travel document, so your e-resident status does not provide you with the legal right to enter a foreign country, including Estonia. It will also not interfere in any way with your existing residency, citizenship or visas in any other country. 

All e-Residency applications are processed by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB). In general, the entire process from application submission to your e-Residency kit being available for pick up can take 6-8 weeks.

Useful sources for finding more information about the e-Residency program:

Apply for e-Residency: https://apply.gov.ee/