Tartu Health Care College to host the IFEH World Academic Conference on Environmental Health


The conference will feature interesting and high-level scientific presentations related to relevant environmental health issues. Academia, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and local communities from the 4 regions of the IFEH (Africa, Americas, Asia and Pacific, and European) will engage in a discussion about the challenges facing environmental health. 

The situation in environmental health is ever-changing, especially nowadays with many new challenges such as globalization, consumerism, climate and demographic change, etc. The world faces a new geographic scale of diseases, obesity in some areas as well as famine in others, water waste in some countries in times of draught in others. There are different challenges and milestones in every corner of the world. The IFEH World Academic Conference puts the real environmental health situation on the scale and addresses ways in which these challenges could be overcome.

Learn more: www.nooruse.ee/ifeh
Contact: conference@nooruse.ee