Estonia continues to support Ukrainian students


Educational cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine has a long history. Estonia has had and will continue long-term educational cooperation with Ukraine in the form of development cooperation.

In addition, cooperation projects will continue. The largest ongoing project in vocational education with Germany, Finland and Poland is EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine. Estonia also helps to modernise the higher education system in Ukraine, to promote environmental education and bring a modern approach to learning to Ukrainian schools in the framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' development cooperation program.

Besides that, Ukraine has been one of the biggest sending countries of international degree students to Estonia. Currently Ukrainian students study in 10 Estonian universities: University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Business School, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary and Pallas University of Applied Sciences.


Refugees from Ukraine can have their educational qualifications assessed

Refugees from Ukraine can have their educational qualifications assessed for access to the labour market or for further study in Estonia. There is a regulation with criteria and procedure established by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, to ensure recognition of refugees` qualifications if any educational document, or complete documentation to proof educational background cannot be presented. The Estonian ENIC/NARIC, a structural unit of the Estonian Education and Youth Board, is the competent body for assessment of qualifications held by refugees, displaced persons, and persons in a refugee-like situation. The unit can be contacted by e-mail or by phone +372 697 9215. More information can be found here.


Estonian universities continue their support to Ukrainian students

Estonian universities continue their support to Ukrainian students. Here are messages regarding Ukraine and Ukranian students from Estonian universities.


University of Tartu

The University of Tartu provides various kinds of support and assistance to the Ukrainian members of the university and their relatives who find themselves in a very difficult situation due to the war.   

Students arriving in Estonia as refugees will be able to continue their studies following the curricula of the University of Tartu, so that their education is not interrupted by the war.   

From Monday, 28 February, informal meetings for Ukrainian university members will be held twice a week to offer them support, advice, understanding and the opportunity of being listened to. University of Tartu offers all Ukrainian students Estonian language courses to help them settle in and helps Ukrainian students in need to find accommodation ( 

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Tallinn University of Technology
Faculties and institutes will be identifying the needs of international students and employees holding Ukrainian citizenship who are facing difficulties due to the war so that those in need could apply for subsistence benefits quickly and without excessive bureaucracy. Structural units are also asked to inform the Student Counselling Office by e-mail of the decisions to support students, so that the university has a uniform overview of both needs and the implemented measures. The Office of Academic Affairs helps resolve various issues related to the organisation of studies (academic leave and other special agreements) that have arisen due to the war in Ukraine.
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Tallinn University

Tallinn University is ready to create opportunities for Ukrainian students to continue their studies, whose education will be interrupted due to the war. In the event of a major humanitarian disaster, we are ready to accept even thousands of students if needed.

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Estonian University of Life Sciences

Estonian University of Life Sciences wants to provide support and assistance to people suffering from the war in Ukraine. 

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Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonian Academy of Arts offers Ukrainian students free study opportunities at our four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Art Culture until the situation in their country stabilises.

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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theater is ready to offer opportunities to continue studies to Ukrainians who have arrived in Estonia as refugees and for whom it has become impossible to continue their studies at home. Our initial ability would be to offer study opportunities in English-language curricula or in Estonian-language curricula in cooperation with the in-depth study of Estonian at Tallinn University.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theater will make every effort to contribute to assisting students from Ukraine in accordance with the guidelines of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union on admitting Ukrainian refugees and offering them social guarantees and study opportunities. The Estonian Academy of Music and Theater cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Research and other Estonian universities in this regard.

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Estonian Business School
As the conflict continues and its impact is likely to be felt for a very long time, EBS has also been putting in place a longer-term approach to assist those in need. The school is ready to offer full scholarships to students arriving from the Ukraine at both the EBS High School and EBS University starting immediately. We are also ready to support universities in the Ukraine in case they have to displace their activities and relocate their students by offering EBSs' physical and digital infrastructures to provide a safe environment for study.
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