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Curious about studying and living in Estonia? Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors represent their universities, home countries, and student life in Estonia to international students considering higher education in Estonia. Get a glimpse of what it's like being a foreign student in Estonia and receive the latest student advice based on hands-on experience.


DilaraNationality: Turkish and Albanian

University: Estonian Business School

Programme: International Business Administration (BA)

Cheerful, curious, and coffee lover! Dilara likes to make new friends and travel. She is here to help new international students and sharing her studying in Estonia experiences with them.


IMG_7907_0.jpeg Nationality: Indian

University: Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Programme: International Business Administration (MBA)

Two months after Fletima arrived in Estonia to pursue her MBA studies, she became part of the Student Ambassadors, working on increasing global awareness of Estonia and promoting study opportunities for international students. 


IMG_7911_0.jpeg Nationality: Egyptian

University: Tallinn University

Programme: International Relations (MA)

Five years ago, Islam first arrived in Estonia for his bachelor's degree. He eventually settled in Estonia and entered a master's program to continue his international studies. 



KaterinaNationality: Greek

University: Tallinn University

Programme: Social Entrepreneurship

Katerina first arrived in Estonia 3 years ago as an Erasmus+ volunteer. After volunteering in other countries for a while, she returned to Estonia to start her Master's studies at Tallinn University. She has also founded a social enterprise in Estonia with an environmental cause.


MarinaNationality: German

University: Estonian University of Life Sciences

Programme: Veterinary Medicine (PhD)

Marina is a first year PhD student of Veterinary Medicine in EMÜ, but she has been in an "on-off relationship" with Tartu for already 4 years. She is a big estophile and even speaks the language a little bit.


OmarNationality: Mexican

University: TalTech

Programme: Building and Civil Engineering and Architecture (PhD)

Omar found a great opportunity to do his PhD in Estonia and he decided to become an ambassador, so he could share his student-life experience and encourage others to take part of the adventure.


ToyonNationality: Bangladeshi

University: Estonian Business School

Programme: Management (PhD)

Toyon first came to Estonia in 2016 for an MA in Economics in University of Tartu. He is a cultural relativist and addicted to folks, dance and theater. He did a second MA degree in Tartu in Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies. In 2020, Toyon joined the PhD program of EBS and wants to share his experiences of Estonia with others. 


Nationality: Pakistani Photo by Sohaib

University: Tallinn University of Technology

Programme: International Business Administration (MA)

Due to his passion for digitalization, exploring new things, and becoming a global citizen, Sohaib chose Estonia to pursue his Master's studies. Soon after arriving in Estonia, he joined the student ambassadors with a vision to help international students by sharing personal learnings & experiences.


Nationality: Indian SiE Student Ambassador Atanu

University: Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Programme: Software Development And Entrepreneurship

Atanu was very amazed with the success story of Estonia and decided to do his bachelor's in Software Development and Entrepreneurship from Estonia because of the great opportunities in IT and ever growing number of startups. After arriving in Estonian, he joined the Student Ambassador programme to tell awesome stories about student life, ease of studying and to solve the growing shortage of IT professionals.


Nationality: Indian Pankaj

University: Tallinn University 

Programme: Education Technology

Pankaj is pursuing his doctoral studies at Tallinn University at the School of digital technologies. He enjoys saunas, walking in nature, and biking in Estonia. He had a dream of pursuing doctoral studies abroad, and Estonia offered that opportunity to him. He believes that there are people who share a similar aspiration as his, and being an international ambassador, he would be able to extend his help to those willing to study in Estonia."


Nationality: Nigerian Blessing
University: Tallinn University
Programme: Communications Management (MA)
Having found the content on the Study in Estonia website incredibly helpful before her arrival in Estonia, Blessing decided to join the student ambassadorship programme in order to contribute the same, share personal experiences, and create more global awareness about Estonia. While she handles social interactions pretty well, she is a hermit ISFP-A. You will mostly find her holed up somewhere either reading, writing, listening to music or watching documentaries, k-dramas, cartoons, and comedies. 



Nationality: United States of America

University: Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy 

Programme: Sound and Visual Technology (Masters) 

A songwriting, globetrotting avid teacher/learner with a passion for insight and understanding. Love to fortify creative endeavors and help people achieve their goals. After the last 10 years in Spain, Germany and China, a masters degree in Estonia seemed like a unique opportunity to gain more varied cultural experience. 

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