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Curious about studying and living in Estonia? Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors represent their universities, home countries, and student life in Estonia to international students considering higher education in Estonia. Get a glimpse of what it's like being a foreign student in Estonia and receive the latest student advice based on hands-on experience.


SA Community Manager

SohaibNationality: Pakistani 

University: TalTech

Programme: International Business Administration (MA)

Due to his passion for digitalization, exploring new things and becoming a global citizen, Sohaib chose Estonia to pursue his Master's studies. Soon after arriving in Estonia, he joined the student ambassadors with a vision to help international students by sharing personal learnings & experiences.



Nationality: Mexican

University: TalTech

Programme: Building and Civil Engineering and Architecture (PhD)

Omar found a great opportunity to do his PhD in Estonia and he decided to become an ambassador, so he could share his student-life experience and encourage others to take part of the adventure.



ToyonNationality: Bangladeshi

University: Estonian Business School

Programme: Management (PhD)

Toyon first came to Estonia in 2016 for an MA in Economics in University of Tartu. He is a cultural relativist and addicted to folks, dance and theater. He did a second MA degree in Tartu in Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies. In 2020, Toyon joined the PhD program of EBS and wants to share his experiences of Estonia with others. 


AtanuNationality: Indian 

University: Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Programme: Software Development And Entrepreneurship

Atanu was very amazed with the success story of Estonia and decided to do his bachelor's in Software Development and Entrepreneurship from Estonia because of the great opportunities in IT and ever growing number of startups. After arriving in Estonian, he joined the Student Ambassador programme to tell awesome stories about student life, ease of studying and to solve the growing shortage of IT professionals.


PoojaNationality: Indian 

University: Estonian Business School

Programme: Master in Business Administration

The land of Unicorn made Pooja decide that this is the place where she wants to be. Completing that dream made her to become a part of the MBA program in Estonian Business school. She is very social and active when it comes down to helping international students settle in Estonia. Being a student ambassador allows her to share with the world her great experience that the Estonian education system offers to individuals.


EmmaNationality: Nigerian 

University: University of Tartu 

Progamme: Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management (MA)

Emma wants to share her experiences of student life over the years in United Kingdom and now in Estonia. She wants to assist international students to get a world-class education in Estonia. Her passion and hobby is traveling.




Nationality: IndianTereza

University: Tallinn University of Technology 

Program: International Business Administration (MA)

Tereza believes Estonia is a hidden gem and she is enthusiastic to experience life in a digitally forward environment. Her multicultural roots boost her passion towards communicating and interacting with people. The growth culture in Estonia inspires her to create awareness about this beautiful country which is why she joined the ambassador programme to welcome and assist interesting and interested people. During her spare time, she loves hiking through the forests and visiting aesthetically pleasing cafes and antique stores.

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