Estonian Free Church Theological Seminary (EFCTS)

EFCTS is a lifelong learning centre, offering many possibilities for study. We invite you to consider studying with us in one of the following programs:


  • MA program “Theology and Society“ is taught both in English and Estonian and is in hybrid format;
  • BA progam “Free Church Theology and Leadership“ is currently only in the Estonian language;
  • Micro degrees “Bible for Yourself and for Teaching“, “ABCs of Pastoral Care“, “Basic Course for Church Leaders“, “Evangelical Communication in Secular Society“;
  • Short courses (3-9 ECTS) both in English and Estonian.   

The school is internationally connected to several Erasmus partners, offering rich experiences to its students. Our faculty has a group of experienced PhD level members, but welcomes every year some new younger members also. Come and see!


EFCTS was founded on 1922 as a vocational school to prepare preachers for Estonian Free Church congregations. During 1940-1989 the school was closed because of the Soviet Union atheistic rule. As soon as free air started to blow, even before official freedom came, the school was re-opened in 1989, but  as University-level school. Read more


Why to study in EFCTS?

  • EFCTS is academic and practical at the same time
  • It is the only government accredited Free Church School in the region
  • You can study at your own speed and in hybrid format
  • BA and MA programs are less intensive and longer (4 and 3 years) than in other schools
  • Small school enables personal approach and offers warm fellowship




Phone: +3725186219

Address: Koskla 18, Tallinn

Quick facts

  • Founded: 1922, re-opened 1989
  • Type of institution: Church-owned and government-accredited applied University
  • Fields of study: theology and leadership
  • Study programs: BA and MA in Humanities
  • Study languages: Estonian and English
  • Number of students: 65