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Webinar "How to Nail Your Job Interview"

Organizer: Study in Estonia

If you're looking for a new job, chances are, at some point you end up in an interview with someone from the company you're applying to. Kätlin Lepp, former Head of HR at Estonian IT-company Fortumo, has sat on the company's side as the interviewer for thousands of interviews. In this webinar, she shares her experiences.  

  • What makes a good candidate stick out? 
  • How should you prepare for an interview? 
  • What will make or break your chances of getting hired? 
  • Is there a difference when you are a foreigner in Estonia looking for a new job? 
  • What do Estonian companies look for and how does their recruitment process normally look like?

Kätlin has a background in finance and before turning her life and career around, she used to be an accountant in the logistics sector. However, for the past nearly 7 years, she has been active in the IT-sector and her last employer during that time was the Estonian founded global IT-company Fortumo. Her role in the company changed over the time from Office Manager to Recruiter to Head of HR. She has participated in thousands of interviews and hired people to the HQ in Estonia and to the company's overseas offices in Southeast Asia. By the end of her career at Fortumo, she had colleagues from about 15 different countries and about 10 of them were working in Estonia. Hiring foreigners from or relocating them to Estonia was her everyday job and she's here to give you some tricks and tips regarding her experience.