Kickstart Your Career in Estonia: Think Big!


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On June 4, Work in Estonia and Study in Estonia hosted an exclusive recruitment event for international students and recent graduates in Estonia. Selected candidates, interested in Customer Operations and Embedded Software Engineering oriented jobs, competed for a chance to get shortlisted for entry-level positions at global Estonian companies: Bolt, Veriff, Studioworks and Proekspert. Direct contact with employers, guest speakers, out-of-the-box job interview over food and drinks are just a few of the event highlights! Looking for an entry-level job? Here are a few takeaways that will help you get into the right mindset.


 Photo: Unsplash, Bethany Legg

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

In 2018, the total number of international students in Estonia has reached 5047 people, with a significant share of students enrolled at the Master's level. According to the previous year's statistics, the most attractive fields of studies were Business Administration and Law; Humanities and Arts; Informations and Communications Technology. Some of the graduates will return to their home countries, some will be headed to graduate or PhD studies, while others will be entering Estonian job market, hoping to land their first serious job. Here's am important trick: successful candidates go well beyond the passive process of crafting a stunning resume and patiently submitting their online applications. Know how to network! No matter which educational background you represent, whether you are into political studies or software engineering, you have plenty of opportunities to land an entry-level English job in Estonia.

"Get experience, gather connections, explore your opportunities, stay proactive: being initiative never goes out of style!", says Leonardo Ortega, partner relations specialist at Work in Estonia.

Start making as many connections as possible in your chosen industry already before graduation. Not only will this improve your chances of landing a dream job at one of Estonia's startups, but allow you to understand your career values and priorities. To decide which direction to head after graduation, focus on your competencies and the mindset of learning, not only the degree you have earned.


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In IT Sector by Chance

"I have ended up in IT sector by chance! Should I be here at all?", shares Aino-Silvia Tali, a Software Development Team Lead. Having graduated with a BA in Political Science, Silvia started with technical support and customer relationship management (CRM) in 2013. After obtaining her MBA in technical management, she has ultimately decided to switch the direction. Today, Silvia is leading a global software project in Scandinavia.

"I understood nothing in the technical part at first, but did my best and landed an important interview. Survive the very beginning and find your way through it: leading software development projects is all about technology and people. Your technological experience starts with tech support. Give it a try and don't worry: you will soon learn the specifics on the spot. Your people-oriented experience starts with the international background and student organization membership. Be curious, set the right mindset! Not sure where to start? Consistent goals and milestones will help you set your mind in the right direction".


Photo: Unsplash, Hivan Arvizu Soyhivan


Post-Grad Job Hunt for Internationals

You're about to graduate from college and are seeking an entry-level position to kick off your career? Luckily, there are plenty of accessible English entry-level positions wih flexible hours, international experience, growth potential, and ability to learn new skills. Precisely the right fit for students already on the brink of graduation! While so many foreign graduates in Estonia face two principle challenges — lack of Estonian language fluency and IT-oriented experience — it is important to remember: your international background, native language proficiency, and individual set of skills always play to your strength. For Estonian companies with a global outreach, with many international students already on board, diversity is the key for success.

Many graduates think they are limited to the industry that corresponds to their degree. However, think twice before removing a seemingly irrelevant information on your resume. Most entry-level positions require a general Bachelor's degree, where the career mobility comes more from experience than it does from the degree. Again, don't be afraid to take another turn. The more opportunities you are exposed to, the faster your professional network will grow, and the more attractive your fresh out of university candidacy will be to future employers. As an added bonus, you finally say with certainty what you would like to do in the future and what industry to enter. Remember, you are at the very beginning of your career. Use this time to explore different paths and avenues!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Kickstart Your Career in Estonia event and helped to make it a success!