Become an ambassador

How do you know if the Student Ambassador role is for you? Take a look at the following questions and think about what your answers would be:

why become a student ambassador


  • Are you an international student studying in Estonia?
  • Are you outgoing and proactive?
  • Are you looking for new challenges and ways to express yourself?
  • Are you active on social media or have your own blog/vlog?
  • Are you looking to expand your network and meet new people?
  • Are you confident writing and speaking in English?

If the answers to the above questions were all YES, then the student ambassador role is perfect for you! Applications for joining the Study in Estonia Student Ambassadors Program will be accepted in autumn each year. More information and application form will be added to this webpage. 

If you have any further specific questions regarding the Student Ambassador Program then don't hesitate to reach out to our current Ambassadors: