Bennett Pascoe

Master of Tourism, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia/ International Business Administration, MA, Tallinn, Estonia

 Estonia Business School exceeded all my expectations. Coming from Melbourne, Australia, it was a long way to move and study and I was immensely impressed with not only the curriculum, but also the international and local lecturers, fantastic study environment and international learning experience.

I had the opportunity to learn from global leaders in the business arena, sharing their practical knowledge and applying them theoretically in class. A collective learning environment stimulated in-depth class discussion, critical thinking, and much of the group work focused on globally recognized values of hard work and innovation.

EBS is centrally located only a few minutes walk from the historic Old Town, making it easily accessible, in a fantastic location. It was a dream to be able to stroll to class after lunch in the Old Town and watch the city come to life at night.

Applying my understandings from Australia in Northern Europe and the Baltic States provided a truly international learning experience that will be critical in my professional life. Being so close to central Europe and Scandinavia emphasized the global nature of EBS, which was also reflected in our learning.

 If I had one thing to say to prospective students, it is that EBS will exceed all your expectations, “Come for the education and stay for the culture!”